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SanDisk c270 is good, but good enough?

How big is the bang for your buck when dropping a couple C-notes on your MP3 player from SanDisk? Not much we feel. At just under $300USD you get 6GB of storage, FM tuner and FM recording, voice recording, support of common picture formats like jpeg, a fancy liquid metal back plate for durability a nice microSD expansion slot…and travel pouch and lanyard to boot. Alright, the c270 has some great features – and not to over look the 1.8inch TFT color screen – but the market is to saturated with more feature rich products for less money…say the iPod, Creative Labs…lets keep hunting.. Continue Reading

Ergonomic USB mouse vibrates

Attention, anyone interested in a vibrating USB mouse? couldn’t decide if this would actually accomplish what it’s suppose to, so we published it for a consensus. Hoverstop Mouse detects if your hand is on the mouse. It then monitors if you are actually using it (clicking, scrolling). If you are not using it for more than 10 seconds, it vibrates softly, reminding you to take your hand away and relax. This encourages taking many small breaks, which help you relax and improve concentration on the task at hand. Continue Reading

Rock your world with Altec Lansing USB speakers

If you love nostalgia and classic audio style then you’ve probably heard of Altec Lansing. Altec has a nice set of USB speakers for under $100 with sleek look and good reviews, seems like you can’t go wrong. Boost your laptop audio output or beef up your iPod sound the XT1 from Altec. These stylish flat panel shielded satellites are USB powered and have an auxiliary jack for connection with different audio sources (iPod’s or any MP3 player). Four specially engineered full-range neodymium micro drivers with aluminum cones smoothly deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound with unprecedented signal accuracy, Continue Reading

Wireless USB adaptor from Addlogix

Addlogix introduces a new WLAN USB adapter that is wireless, not a big deal in itself, but they do offer a wide range of OS support making it noteworthy. Many Mac users will benefit from this product, as it offers a cost effective wireless solution for Apple users that have machines that are either older models that did not come with the built-in wireless, or for some reason have machines with a defective wireless card. Additional OS support includes, Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and Linux Redhat (v7.1 and later). Continue Reading

Wireless USB phone and media player

Let’s just cut-to-the-chase and make all phones look, act and feel like a cell phone, it seems What-Trend Technology is on the same page with our thoughts and offers a wireless full-functional USB phone designed for Skype users. It looks just like a cell phone. Equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless multi-channel communication system, the USB phone supports desk-top and laptop connections, and has an LCD with back lights. This sleek little guy also doubles as a music media player. Continue Reading

Convert vinyl records to MP3 via USB turntable

Since iPods are all the range, what can the grey hairs do if they have a closet full of vinyl records and need to convert them to MP3? Not to worry, that iPod will be loaded in time as to not miss the lawn bowling tournement, well at least with the help of ION Audio. ION has an exclusive market locked up which is converting vinyl to MP3 via a USB turntable. The turntable is compatible for both MAC and PC and needs no additional drivers thanks to the USB connection technology. Continue Reading

New Lexar SAFE PSD-S1100 is enterprise security solution

Today Lexar announced their new USB flash drive the SAFE PSD S1100. This a compact, high capacity UFD (USB Flash Drive) which uses three layers of security to insure access and control remains with the owner of the device, it’s called PSD-Lock or Personal Storage Device Lock. The PSD-Lock is an embedded device-access control technology that enables USB device locking and unlocking, and seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Windows. Continue Reading

Data recovery software specific for USB flash memory

Media Investigator could be a helpful tool to recover data from a flash memory device. Digital introduced a new version with a speedy algorithm, about 4X faster then it’s v1.0 predecessor, to quickly identify what can be salvaged. It’s free to download and scan, then if you decide to save anything which it finds you pay a small $9.95 charge. Not bad on price, not bad on features. You can download it here Indiana Jones and start the salvage process.

Continue Reading

1.3 Mega Pixel USB web camera from Adesso

To have a USB web camera which displays a resolution of 1.3 Mega Pixels and built-in microphone tells me your serious about on-line communication. Adesso can help you with their new AstraPix PC230 web cam. So now you can xxplore the exciting world of Internet video conferencing in just minutes. It’s very easy to setup – after all it’s USB. The AstraPix PC230 USB PC camera captures still images and video on a PC, send it via e-mail, or go for a face to face chat. As a added bonus, this webcam has a built-in microphone so you could even use this as a Skype Phone. Simply plug it in, click, and send… Continue Reading

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