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120 Watt USB speakers from Sweex

Sweex has a great set of USB speakers for under $40USD. The SP007 speaker set are perfect compliments to your laptop or PC, with quick and easy install, no external power supply and use of USB port for power. The SP007 has an internal amplifier for improved sound. Speakers are also magentically shielded and are 120 Watt. Sweex also offers speakers at 180 Watt and 200 Watt specifications. Continue Reading

Western Digital with 3,600RPM mini hard drive

3,600 RPM mini hard drive from Western Digital is 6GB in storage capacity and appropriately named, Passport. With it’s compact size, folding USB connector and rubberized protective sleeve this seems like a good idea. Might be a little late to market considering there are 4GB flash drives for about the same price. A clear advantage for Western Digital are the re-write abilities of a standard disk drive verse that of flash memory, but even then we’re looking at a million writes before WD pulls ahead in that feature category. Prices start at $129 right from the WD website. Continue Reading

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Gizmo Overdrive has micro-controller for speedy performance

Crucial Technology adds Overdrive to their line of very successful Gizmo flash drives. The Gizmo Overdrive is powered by a dual-channel micro controller inside the USB enclosure to ensure high-performance data transfer rates – speeds up to 13MB/sec transfer rate. Gizmo Overdrive is also available with security software by StompSoft. The security software includes password protection, 256kb Blowfish-level encryption and hide function. The Overdrive is available in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities. Continue Reading

Imation with rubberized Clip Drive

The Clip Flash Drive from Imation is a extra durable version of a thumb drive. With rubber on the main enclosure along with a ultra-tough carabineer clip could make this our most physically durable flash drive yet. The device was specifically designed to withstand daily abuse of being clipped to a back pack or belt loop. With the durable case and password protection features your data is secure both physically and electronically. The Clip will be available through major retailers, like Target, in April and are available in sizes from 256MB to 2GB with prices ranging from $30 to $ 120 respectively. Colors available are as seen here. Continue Reading

Nintendo WiFi USB connector from Buffalo

Nintendo recently unveiled a new WiFi USB connector as part of their latest attempt to release a line of Nintendo-branded wireless products. As soon as you insert this dongle into your PC (no Mac-compatibility at this time — bummer), a window will open to establish a link between it and your DS. After going through three option screens, you’ll be online. The dongle is jointly developed with Buffalo Technology, which will also release Nintendo WiFi Station access points to stores in Japan, to create instant DS “hot spots.” The WiFi connector dongle will go on sale in Europe in November for about ?30, though there’s no word on availability stateside. Source via Gizmodo Continue Reading

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USB Flash Drive Services & Content Loading & USB Promotional Drives

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Nexcopy – Manufacturer of USB Duplicator and Flash Drive Duplicator equipment.

MRS MediaUSB duplicator dealer and CD DVD duplicator dealer.

Octave – Distributor and USB duplicator reseller along with other flash memory supplies.

USB CopierUSB duplication services, print branding and re-packaging services which are ideal for USB Promotional drives and trade show promotional gadgets. Contact USB Copier for all your USB promotional item needs.

Resellers & Dealers for USB technology

Icron® – Is the global leader in extended range USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectivity solutions for industrial and commercial computer markets worldwide.

USB Trader – USB Trader is a full service USB flash drive promotional and marketing company for branded flash drives, marketing flash drives, customized logos and memory sticks.

Bookmark Base – Portable Bookmark Manager software *Received Editor’s Choice Award

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Software Resources for Both USB and Other

Jungo – Offers USBware which is a high quality and small footprint embedded USB software protocol stack, allowing device manufactures to easily incorporate standard USB OTG/Host/Device connectivity in their designs. Jungo’s USBTester is a software-only USB testing application tool that enables USB developers to quickly validate their USB devices for USB functionality by connecting their USB device to a PC running the USBTester software and running USB test suites.

Strategic Alliance: Offshore Software Development Partners – Strategic Alliance is an off shore software development firm who I’ve had personal experience with. They provide turnkey solutions, excellent support and clean, simple code that is well written. Contact Tejesh today for your software development needs.

USB PerformanceUSB Performance software is ideal for USB benchmark testing, USB recovery, testing USB drive speed both at low level and file level performance. USB Performance software also provides formating features and full USB typology breakdown. Free download.

iPod Services, Hacks, Tips, USB forum

Methodshop has many tricks and tips for all types of PMP players.

Broken iPod screen, dead battery, nav dial broken? Go to iPodMods for a fix-up. USB forum. It’s a grass roots effort so please take a visit

3G iPhone Prices – Experience the future of communications with 3G iPhone Prices website. A premier website providing the latest in 3G iPhone technology and accessories .


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Flash Drive Alliance


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AVING – A Global News Network – Aving visits nearly every trade show in all of Asia to deliver the most current and up-to-date visual news of emerging technologies. Published in 45 countries, GetUSB often sources Aving News.

IdealGadgets – High tech gadgets, news and reviews.

RFID Power – News about Radio Frequency Identification

Pen Drive Linux – Everything you need to know about Linux and USB flash

Flash Music Loops – Royalty free music loops for flash and multimedia developers. Instant Preview, Purchase and Download. Choose from thousands of high quality flash loops and flash sound effects.

Gizmos For Geeks – Site about how to’s, experience with gadgets and general technology blog

Review-a-Gadget – Find out about all the most popular and most highly recommended techno-toys, gifts and gadgets, all in the one place.

Online Tech Tips – This website contains technology and computer tips for the average use from an average user. Well writing and in a simple understandable format.

Freecom External USB Drives from Storage Depot – Various capacities of USB, USB2.0 and Firewire storage and backup devices available from Storage Direct, also stocked are LAN drives, Disk Stations and External Enclosures.

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Finamore Design – a New York based advertising agency focused on customer specific solutions in marketing, advertising and company branding.

AlphaBeta – A men’s online magazine about Gadgets, Dating and news. Great site to gather cocktail-conversation info to liven up your next outing or keep your A game for the ladies.

Angsuman’s Translator Plugin – WordPress plugin which is extremely dependable and does a fantastic job in translation, at least the best possible for a auto-engine translation tool.

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SiteHoppin – The next big social network site. Great fun and unique way to cruise the internet.

DittoIt is a small blog dedicated to CD DVD Duplicators and duplication news for optical media products.

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Samsung with new digital photo frame at CeBIT

Samsung has launched a a new digital photo frame for users to share their images on. The new photo frame is aimed at making it easy to view digital pictures without the need to print them out. In addition, GetUSB feels the color representation will be more true to what is seen on the camera playback screen then to photo frame rather then digital picture printing. According to the press release, the frame can be used with an internet service enabling the user to upload pictures taken with a digital or phone camera, and to send them to another user’s digital photo frame. Samsung didn’t elude to the connection type and how management of the picture display will be controlled. Price points are yet to be determined. Continue Reading

Anti-virus USB drive from IOCell

IOCell is featuring a USB drive with anti-virus software called the Vaccine Drive. It holds an auto run anti-virus engine which activates when connected via USB to the host computer. The drive will then scan the system and also provide real time monitoring of the memory and processor. Since the Vaccine resides outside the OS there will be no software collision if two anti-virus programs are running simultaneously. Virus updates for the Vaccine Drive seem one step behind, would the virus hit the host computer before the drive was getting it’s update? Hmm…

Continue Reading

Credit Card sized 2GB USB flash drive

Wallet Flash is the first USB flash drive that IS the size of a credit card. It’s obvious the manufacturer, Walletex, is positioning this device as a novelty item with claims like “the first and only wallet friendly gadget which elicits admiring responses whenever shown” and “trendy stylish design – a natural part of your wallet” and we can’t disagree and neither can CES as they awarded Wallet Flash the 2006 Design and Engineering Showcase Honoree for product innovation. Size start at 64MB and reach 2GBs. Continue Reading

USB bridge & recharger for mobile phones

Pretec Electronics is on to something with their new Idisk Connect USB stick. The Idisk acts as a bridge between mobile phones and your PC making it a seamless process to exchange data, sync and download content from your cell phone. Of course the Idisk also has flash storage capability. In addition, the Idisk Connect can recharge your cell battery simply by connecting it via USB. The Idisk controls and manages the flash drives connectivity internally so there are no switches or buttons to toggle. The Idisk is currently supported by Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Pretec indicates Motorola, Samsung, BenQ, LG and more are soon to follow. Continue Reading

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