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120 Watt USB speakers from Sweex

Sweex has a great set of USB speakers for under $40USD. The SP007 speaker set are perfect compliments to your laptop or PC, with quick and easy install, no external power supply and use of USB port for power. The SP007 has an internal amplifier for improved sound. Speakers are also magentically shielded and are 120 Watt. Sweex also offers speakers at 180 Watt and 200 Watt specifications. Continue Reading

Western Digital with 3,600RPM mini hard drive

3,600 RPM mini hard drive from Western Digital is 6GB in storage capacity and appropriately named, Passport. With it’s compact size, folding USB connector and rubberized protective sleeve this seems like a good idea. Might be a little late to market considering there are 4GB flash drives for about the same price. A clear advantage for Western Digital are the re-write abilities of a standard disk drive verse that of flash memory, but even then we’re looking at a million writes before WD pulls ahead in that feature category. Prices start at $129 right from the WD website. Continue Reading

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Gizmo Overdrive has micro-controller for speedy performance

Crucial Technology adds Overdrive to their line of very successful Gizmo flash drives. The Gizmo Overdrive is powered by a dual-channel micro controller inside the USB enclosure to ensure high-performance data transfer rates – speeds up to 13MB/sec transfer rate. Gizmo Overdrive is also available with security software by StompSoft. The security software includes password protection, 256kb Blowfish-level encryption and hide function. The Overdrive is available in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities. Continue Reading

Imation with rubberized Clip Drive

The Clip Flash Drive from Imation is a extra durable version of a thumb drive. With rubber on the main enclosure along with a ultra-tough carabineer clip could make this our most physically durable flash drive yet. The device was specifically designed to withstand daily abuse of being clipped to a back pack or belt loop. With the durable case and password protection features your data is secure both physically and electronically. The Clip will be available through major retailers, like Target, in April and are available in sizes from 256MB to 2GB with prices ranging from $30 to $ 120 respectively. Colors available are as seen here. Continue Reading

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