10 Reasons for Dracal’s Environmental USB Monitoring System

The PTH200 from Dracal Tech has lots of benefits for tracking the environment and more. Here are 10 great things about using it:

1- Very Accurate The sensors are precise, calibrated, and compensate for temperature. This is important for monitoring exact environmental conditions.

2- Easy to Use The small size makes it simple to add to different systems, even in limited space. This is useful for many different uses.

3- Simple Software Dracal includes an easy-to-use interface and tools for managing the device without needing lots of technical knowledge.

4-Versatility The device is suitable for a wide range of applications, from quality assurance verifications and scientific research to weather stations and laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

5-Real-Time Data Access With USB and Wi-Fi connectivity options, the PTH200 allows for real-time data acquisition and monitoring, essential for dynamic environmental conditions and timely decision-making.

6-Durability and Reliability The internal particle filter protects the sensors from dust, soot, and other airborne contaminants, enhancing the device’s reliability and longevity in harsh environments.

7-Minimal Maintenance The sensors’ factory calibration and the device’s overall design minimize the need for frequent maintenance or recalibration, reducing operational costs.

8-Plug-and-Play Functionality The device is ready to use upon delivery, with no complex setup or configuration required, which saves time and effort for users.

9-Support for Multiple Communication Protocols Including USB, Wi-Fi, and COM communication capabilities, the PTH200 can be integrated into a variety of system configurations, making it adaptable to different technological environments.

10-Cost-Effectiveness Considering its multi-functionality and the inclusion of comprehensive data acquisition and integration tools, the PTH200 offers a cost-effective solution for precise environmental monitoring.

These are the top reasons (in our opinion) making up the PTH200 a valuable tool for anyone needing reliable and precise environmental data acquisition, whether for industrial, scientific, or quality assurance purposes.

  • Typical operating range and precision
  • Temperature (°C): -40 to 70 ±0.3
  • Relative humidity (%RH): 0 to 100 ±2.0
  • Atmospheric pressure (kPa)
  • At 25°C: 70 to 110 ±0.15
  • From 10 to 40°C: 70 to 110 ±0.18
  • From 0 to 40°C: 45 to 110 ±0.20
  • Monitors dew point
  • RoHS3 and CE compliant
  • Protection 2-layer filter
  • Efficiency: >99.99% of particles as small as 200 nm
PTH200 All-in-one USB temperature sensor, with relative humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors This is not a sponsored post

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